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Andrew had the unbelievable ability to look any sort of hardship in his way with a smile and a “bring it on” attitude. Whether on or off the field, he managed to notice all of the beautiful things in life and appreciate them for what they were. He was a friend to every person he met, and fiercely loyal to the ones lucky enough to become his closest friends. Andrew had a way of making everyone around him feel good about themselves, and he was never afraid to laugh at his own expense if he knew it would make others feel better. Andrew could set aside things that were not important so that he could focus his time and energy into what was important at that moment. With unparalleled resilience, Andrew taught a lot of people what it looked like to take life in stride, head on, and with no chance of giving up. Andrew valued his time, ensuring that whatever he was doing was relevant to his future success. 

Andrew had a heart that was unlike any other. He always put others before him, listened to them when they spoke, loved them when they needed it, and took the time to let them know he was there for them. The love he had for his friends and family was the strongest most have ever experienced. He was an incredible person. 

Andrew was someone others looked to, whether for his ability to get people to cooperate with each other, his ability to make everything fun, or his ability to keep his head held higher than any other. Andrew could shrug off anything and move forward with a calm “it is what it is” or “oh well, let’s try again a different way.” Andrew was the kind of person most strive to be, and he was effortless about it. He truly was one of the most incredible, remarkable, genuine people to ever exist. The world was a better place because of him being in it. 

To be a Ranger, someone needs to exemplify compassion, empathy, resilience, and an outlook on life that is infectious. They need to have unwavering dedication to their friends, family, studies, and sports. They need to be able to accept whatever cards are dealt to them and go forward without fear, making sure to bring others with them. A Ranger also has to have a sense of humor that stretches through all types, including the ability to laugh at themselves. They need to be able to look at life as something worth living to the fullest, and make every moment count. That’s what it takes to be an Andrew’s Ranger. 

(Contributor: Evyn Spencer)

What it Means to be a Ranger 

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