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Andrew had a very special quick wit, quirky smile and twinkle in his eye that endeared him to many.  He had the ability to brighten any room.  Oftentimes, he would place himself as the center of any lighthearted joke just to put people at ease, spread laughter and make the world just a little bit more fun. 


Here are just a few examples of what made Andrew… well ANDREW. 


If you have other Andrew-isms you'd like to share, please contact us here












Goose Hunting: 
ANDREW: "Hey Carson, there are a pair of singles coming in…"
CARSON: "Do you mean two?"

ANDREW: "Well, there goes another pair of socks."

ANDREW: "Uncle Matt, I'll do my best but we may have to run."

ANDREW: "I love you, my little unibrow!"

ANDREW: "Welcome to Taylor's World, we just live in it."

ANDREW (in his slightly heavier days): “I weigh no less than 235lbs.”

ANDREW: "I really like my consonants."

Truck Bumper Repair:

ANDREW: "Dad, I thought they were only going to fix my bumper."

DAD: "Yes, that's right."

ANDREW: "Dad, I think they painted the whole truck."

DAD: "Andrew, they washed the darn thing."

ANDREW: "Ah...." (chuckle)

Truman Family: 
ANDREW: " 'lil schmutz'… it's gonna be a thing" 
MIKE: "No, Andrew, it will never be a thing"
Weeks later - EVYN: "Hey, Range, we just need a lil schmutz…."  (Shocked and ashamed)

SIU-Law Introduction:
ANDREW: "Hi, I'm Andrew.  I enjoy razzing my friends for fun and secondarily, I do not like to be called 'Andy'."
MATTHEW: "Hi, Andy.  I'm Matthew."
ANDREW: "Nice to meet you, Marty."

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